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Incenses that evoke divinity and serenity for a spiritual experience, every time.

Since the inception in 1957, Balaji prides on delivering soothing, pleasing aromas made with quality products consistently. Our intricate fragrances tease your nose when lit, engulf you in warmth and comfort while burning and leave heavenly aromas long after the ash has hit the ground.

At Balaji, handpicked ingredients are meticulously formulated and handcrafted into a premium product that is assured to bring blissfulness to our ever-expanding clientele. Having over 500 products in different segments like Incense Sticks, Dry Dhoop Sticks, Wet Dhoop Sticks, Sambrani Cups, Tikka Powders, Roll-on Perfumes and Soaps.

What started as a small establishment has become a household name in over 30 countries, which is a testament to our quality and a concrete step to achieving our vision to provide premium quality fragrances at an affordable price to every home.

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our featured items


Carefully blending the fragrance of Jasmine along with undertones of Violet, Amber, Musk, Citrus and Fresh Notes, Bindu is a set of pure incense sticks that enriches the devotional aura at home. Bindu is loved for its far-spreading aroma that wards off negative energies. Widely used in aromatherapy, With Bindu, scent your home with a magical aroma and feel the difference!

Note: To meet the needs of our customers, Bindu comes in different sized packaging.


Holiday, one of our best-selling fragrances, leaves a mark from afar because of its balanced fresh camphorous fragrance, perfectly blended with Floral, Musky, Spicy, Balsamic notes. The master fragrance of Holiday reminds us of the healing journeys we are all in.

Note: To meet the needs of our customers, Holiday comes in different sized packaging.


The melange of the earthy and sweet aroma of our Red incense sticks is reminiscent of flowers fallen on the wet earth after a fresh rain shower. The benevolent essence of Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Patchouli, driving memories, attracts calmness in one’s living space. It manifests an aura of positivity and divinity. Balaji’s Red Masala incense sticks are hand-rolled with rare resins and can be used for meditation to calm the senses down.

Balaji 100 Premium Gold

Pioneering the Agarbatti industry with the first-ever economy pack of 100 Sticks with four different fragrances, comprising four curated premium sticks, packed into one economical pack just for you. All the sticks made of finest ingredients, scent the air with a warm and inviting aroma and is the most relaxed way of inviting positivity at home. Adding to the range of fragrances you get with this pack; we offer a free Dhoop with every pack of Balaji 100.


Chandan is a mystical and regal-scented wood, which holds an unmatched position on the shelf in the Agarbatti industry due to its incredible scent and place in spirituality. The quality, organic compounds and the aroma of the Balaji Chandan incense make it the most preferred option in Sandalwood based incense sticks.

It's made from the finest and purest ingredients to ensure top notch quality, sure to have your neighbours enquiring about the aroma. It’s fragrance last much longer than other incense and are sure to keep the area fragrant for hours even after the sticks are burnt out.


One of the best Rose Incense Sticks in the Industry. Its delightfully sweet fragrance will transform your surroundings into a dreamlike setting. Just light a stick and breathe in a little peace of mind. Let the essence of this rose-scented incense fill every room of your home.

These Agarbattis are made with the finest ingredients and flavors, and are the perfect way to bring a little sunshine into your life. It’s strong aroma keeps the area fragrant for hours even after the sticks are burnt out.

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